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I have loved working with so many of you amazing women already!  


Kayla Cook

Shana is the kind of life coach that is empathetic, kind and friendly but at the same time is educated, productive, and inspiring!  With her extensive background, education, and life experience she has really helped me learn how to set goals and overcome them.  All while being a friend and cheerleader the whole time.  Meeting with her was what I needed to help me stay on course in life and create a happier and more productive self! Thank you Shana!!! 


Kiernan Buschert

Shana is such a gentle and loving coach.  Every time I meet with her I am left feeling so connected and whole.  I feel seen and heard.  She guides me in a playful and loving way  When we are through I always laugh at my thoughts.  The shifts she guides me through are always simple and yet powerful.  Sometimes a few weeks after I'll realize what results I've created just from one conversation with her.  She has taught me how to truly sit with my feelings and let them flow through me.  I often update her with fun wins and she cheers me on! Shana is an incredible coach and I can't wait to watch her coach you too. 


I can't wait to work with YOU!!

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